7 Allergy Facts That Will Motivate You to Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Most of us, if not all of us, know that breathing poor air is hazardous to our health. Knowing this, we do our best to maintain clean indoor air quality to prevent irritating allergies.

Unfortunately, keeping our homes spotless is insufficient to stop flare-ups. Every few years, we need to remember to get our ducts cleaned.

You are completely mistaken if you believe you can get away with it. Compared to more serious illnesses, allergies may seem like a joke, but if you knew what was causing your sniffles and sneezes, you wouldn't be laughing.

Do you think we're lying? These 7 allergy-related facts will make you want to have your ducts cleaned immediately.

Your Home's Air Is Extremely Polluted.

Perhaps some of us believe that the air we breathe indoors is far cleaner than the air we breathe outdoors. After all, we decide what goes inside our houses. We do everything possible to keep our air pure, from using purifiers to following good housekeeping practices.

Regardless of what we think to be accurate, the air inside our homes is contaminated. If you consider it, this makes sense. Homes are just big boxes we use to keep our possessions.

Plus germs.

How dirty are we talking about, then? Approximately five to 10 times more contaminated than outdoor air. Talk about inhaling polluted air.

About 12 Million Canadians Have Dust Mite Allergies

The fact that there are dust mites in your home may not worry you. "Different strokes for different folks," as they say.

You should be a little concerned about dust mite allergies, even if you are not alarmed.Dust mites feed on the dead skin we leave behind, as you may or may not be aware. Although they don't bite, their feces and shed skin can cause allergies in people.

So what?  Dust mites are not an allergen for you.

Okay. What about your visitors, though? Dust mite allergies affect 12 million people in Canada, so the likelihood of you meeting someone with them is not small.

Do your visitors a favour and at the very least think about having your ducts cleaned.

Untreated Allergies May Result In More Severe Issues.

Even if you don't have allergies to dust mites, we're willing to bet that you either know someone who does or that you have allergies. After all, we'll speak about how frequent they are in a moment.

You might believe that you can get away with not doing much to treat your allergies if you have them. You may think that since they are only seasonal, you can put up with them for a few weeks out of the year.

This thinking might even cause you to skip maintenance like duct cleaning.

Big mistake.

As it turns out, allergies can pose significant risks if left untreated. They may start with runny noses and sneezing bouts but can progress to diseases like bronchitis and asthma.

Your allergies will only worsen as dust builds up in your home, increasing your risk of having these conditions. We think that's a high price to pay for being indifferent to your allergies and the dust in your home.

Your Mattress Is Home To Tons of Dust Mites

Most of you have probably heard about dust mites. They are those microscopic creatures that live in your mattress.

If this sounds even remotely disgusting, it certainly is. You know what's even more awful, though? most of us consistently sleep with mites.

There will be some dust mites in even the cleanest house. On the other hand, poorly kept homes will undoubtedly have more.

How many is "more"? Well, the number of dust mites in some households might range from hundreds to thousands. Feel like getting that duct cleaning yet?

Suddenly Developing Allergies Is Possible.

We're happy for you if you don't currently suffer from allergies. However, since some people suddenly develop allergies later in life, your luck may eventually run out.

This implies that all of the dust in your ducts could suddenly become an issue. At that point, you'll probably wish that you had cleaned them before your allergies bothered you.

More Than Half Of All Canadians Have One Allergy

You might already be allergic to something. At least one allergy affects more than half of all Canadians.

There are a lot of things that people can be sensitive to; therefore, there is no guarantee that you may have a hidden allergy to dust mites or pollen allergens. You might only develop a mild allergy to bananas or something similar.

Which is still terrible, but hey, you might be made to give up a lot worse things than bananas.

Your Pets Can Make Your Allergies Worse

Who could survive without the adorable Spot and the ferocious Tigger? It's just so much fun to have pets around. They seem to show us so much unjustified love.

And even if it isn't love, at least they are aware of their provider.

In any event, having dogs would undoubtedly lower the air quality in your house. Pet dander, made up of minute fragments of lost skin, is left behind by pets. Once shed, this skin travels through the air and settles into your carpet.

The dander cannot be controlled by simply keeping the place clean. If you want to lessen the amount of dander in your home, you must obtain an air duct cleaning more frequently than folks who don't have pets.

If you don't, the dander will only make your allergies worse. And if we recall correctly, we have warned you about the consequences of failing to manage your allergies.

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