Light It Up: Candles With Scented Fragrances That Don't Contain Toxins

Who doesn't enjoy the aroma of freshly baked cookies, the breeze from the coast, or a lush pine forest? It's impressive how well synthetic perfumes can imitate these aromas in candles. However, bringing these scents into your house might not benefit the air quality there.

Warning: Wicks, Wax, Synthetics and Dyes

Even though scented candles have a wonderful perfume, you can be inhaling in much more than just fake sandalwood. We'll explain how the components of scented candles might affect your health and provide healthier substitutes.


Most wicks produced in the United States are made of cotton or a paper-cotton blend. Although it seems harmless, you must carefully consider the wick's core. Ever try lighting a wick that is too limp? It's not simple. To support it, some manufacturers braid cotton or paper around a core of tin or zinc. The most typical example of this is with scented candles. The wax is softened by the chemicals used to create those lovely fragrances, which makes the wick droop and calls for the use of a hard substance.

According to the National Candle Association, research has shown that wicks made of zinc and tin are secure. But if you don't have to, why release microscopic amounts of heavy metals into the surrounding air?

Alternatives: For a better choice, look for candles with a cotton or paper wick core.


A petroleum waste called paraffin is converted into candle wax after cleaning and deodorizing. Being a petroleum byproduct, it has the drawback of having the potential to leak volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. The VOCs may contain cancer-causing substances like benzene, acetone, and toluene. Allergies, asthma, and cancer have all been related to these substances. Additionally, paraffin includes some of the same hazards as diesel fuel.You can put your health at risk without even lighting the candle. According to one study, certain scented candles began to release volatiles even before the flame reached the wick.

Soot is an additional issue. Existing illnesses like asthma, lung, or heart issues can get worsened by soot.

Alternatives: 100% beeswax candles effectively treat allergies, hay fever, and asthma. Soy candles are a clean-burning natural option. Both alternatives cost a bit more than their paraffin-based competitors, but you get more usage out of them because they burn more slowly and last longer. Rice, vegetable oils, and coconut oil are some more substitute waxes.


No, the smell you get when you light the candle is not genuine pine. Synthetics and dyes used in the production of fragrances release VOCs like formaldehyde. Other adverse effects that may occur in those susceptible to these substances include headaches, dizziness, and breathing issues.

Alternatives: A majority of candle manufacturers don't list the ingredients in their fragrances. This holds true even for more natural substitutes like soy, which can still include synthetics and colours in them. Fortunately, non-toxic candle manufacturers frequently list components on the label, allowing you to know exactly what you're burning. Additionally, you may get a lot of your favourite scents produced with natural elements, including vanilla, chamomile, lavender, cedar, and ginger. Think about 100% beeswax candles as well. These infuse your house with honey's delicious, natural aroma.

Or forego candles entirely

There are alternative methods, like potpourri, to provide palatable scents. not a wick. No wax. Nothing more than the fragrant aroma of flowers, herbs, leaves, oils, and other natural elements. Additionally, since potpourri is simple to create, you can be sure it doesn't contain any ingredients you wouldn't want to breathe in.

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