Refund Policy

We understand that problems sometimes happen during the order process. As such, we have designed a friendly exchange policy to accommodate these situations. The policy is outlined below:


Customers are responsible for ordering the filter with the correct dimensions matching their furnace. If there is any doubt when ordering, please contact us prior to ordering. No refunds will be issued for ordering the wrong product.


We will authorize an exchange in the event that a customer orders the wrong filter for their furnace dimension, provided that the filter is still in new, original condition. Plastic wrapping must not be removed. Should we find any evidence of damage, wear or tear, we will not authorize the return.

Shipping costs for returning a filter are at the expense of the customer.

Return Authorization

Before returning or exchanging any merchandise, you must submit a return request . Please process your request online in the my account section of our website.

Upon submitting your return request, a member of our staff will contact you to finalize the exchange. During this process, we will also provide shipping instructions.